Aarons Arch Tent

Custom Branded Arch Canopy

aarons-branded-arch-tent.jpgBranded Arch Canopies

Promotional Design Group specializes in creating custom promotional products. Our three main categories are inflatables, frame tents and pop up tents. Customization can vary depending on what is needed. You can customize size, shape and choose wether the canopy needs printing or not. This arch tent was customized in every way it can be customized and we did our absolute best to make it look beautiful. The results, a gorgeous dome tent. The customer needed their custom blue printed on the tent, which we were able to easily do. They also wanted a custom arch tent, which we have in our tent styles and were able to provide. Finally, they needed it to be a specific size and we were able to manufacture the size they needed without a problem. The whole tent is custom and we were able to manufacture it in a matter of days without a problem. The tent was also entered into our production schedule, which was crazy busy, and we were still able to meet the deadlines we promised on the tent. As you can see they wanted the printed top and a pritned back wall as well. The top had their logo on all sides of the tent top which is a one piece top. They also printed their logo with slogans and selling points on the back wall which are easy to see once you are inside the tent. This particular tent was also fitted with a heavy duty frame that is meant to last a lifetime and we're not kidding. We have given the frame a limited lifetime warranty and the tent tops have a 1 year warranty. As if that wasn't enough, we focus creating all of our priducts from the absilute best materials possible in the market. This way, the final product is our absolute best-possible creation. Below you can see some examples of our other custom printed tents, we hope you like it. 

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