Budweiser Tent

Custom 30x30 Tent Designed with Images and Logos

A company’s success can be measure by how effective their marketing is. Advertising products for all to see come in many forms and we can all agree that the more a company puts out there the merrier and the bigger, the better. Promotional Design Group has the big scale down, we can create massive pieces of promotional items, be it in the form of a giant 100 ft inflatable or up to 30 ft by 200 ft plus tents. As far as volume goes, try us! We can take on multiple projects at a time, no matter the scale.

30x30 Tent

This promotional tent for Budweiser falls under small scale for us. A 30x30 high peak with a custom printed top is what they wanted but we can do much more. Have it any way you want it; larger, with multiple peaks, with walls, with banners or advertising flags, we can do it! Give us a call today for a free rendering.

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