Customized Arch Tent

Custom Color Scheme With A Sleek Design

multicolor-arching-tent-01.jpgMulticolored Arch Canopy

One of our many specialties with promotional products is the fact that we customize tents. You can come to us with a tent design that has never been done before and we will work endlessly to manufacture it to your liking. We can do this even if you have a deadline. This specific tent is a 12.5x20 tent. These dimensions are not common at all as arch tents tend to have square ratios to form a dome but these were dimensions the customer wanted so we made it just the way they wanted. The tent top is also completely custom as it is not a common tent top design. The highest part of the tent top has a clear material which is followed by the colored layers downward. The simple, yet elegant design of the tent is eye-catching and since it is a custom tent there is no way you will find another one out there with the same layout sizing and coloring. It truly is a unique tent!


The tent is made of the same high quality materials we craft all of our tent products from. We use a heavy duty vinyl that permits the user intense usage without it fading, scratching or ripping. The frame included is also heavy duty. We custom crafted the aluminum to meet the sizing requirements the client wanted. This aluminum frame has a lifetime warranty that is ready to take on years and years of use without as much as a flinch. 

If you are interested in getting a quote for a tent similar to this one or any of our other tents just let us know. We respond ASAP and provide free renderings for you to get a visual idea of how the final product will look. We also offer discounts for larger quantities, so give us a call or shoot us an email on the top right of the page! 

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