Z1 Motorsports Dino

9' Inflatable Replica


What a cute little dino, or as Z1 Motorsports like to call it, Zino. We thought it would make more sense to spell it as Z1NO though. This little green monster is Z1 Motorsports official mascot. Originally, it was a custom gift that the company received by a Japanese plush toy maker. Since then, they decided to transfer it into a two dimensional logo, which they use for marketing purposes. And in this latest installment, their Z1NO is now a large three dimensional inflatable. 


Durable Dino

When it comes to quality, we don't mess around. This little dino is one tough little guy. It's made from commercial grade material that is NFPA certified fire retardant as well as 100% waterproof. We also coat it with a proprietary UV coating that will extend the life of the graphics. 



Sharp Teeth

Sharp, as in clear printing, that is. Our digital printing can get to a really close and crisp level, ensuring that your artwork comes out brilliantly. We want to make sure every inflatable that comes out of our warehouse is the best it can be. 

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