USA Pears 

8' Inflatable Replica


Don't you just want to take a huge bite out of that monstrously gigantic pear? This pear product replica was specifically made for USA Pears. This lovely reproduction features stunningly realistic texture, which only add production value to the prop. 


As you can see, this inflatable pear can be hung. Use the durable and reinforced D-rings to hang it from any surface. Just make sure you attach some kind of extension cord too. Don't worry about it catching fire, it's NFPA certified fire retardant. Products like these can be placed inside grocery stores or up on rooftops for maximum visibility. 


Need a product replica that is custom printed with your own graphics? No problem. Just send us your artwork and our designers will place it on whichever shape you want. Our designers can even create artwork for you, if you're looking for those types of services. It's nice to know our designers have over 20 years of experience creating inflatables, so it's safe to assume we'll make you something awesome. 

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