Patriotic Balloon 

USA Themed Advertising Balloon

The advertising balloon is probably one of the most utilized piece for promotional purposes. Whether you put it up outside your store to let your customers know you’re having a massive sale or as means of announcement to let others know of your store inauguration, this advertising balloon is guaranteed to flag consumers effective promotional items is our forte. We have made different variations of the hot air balloon but this particular one with the colors of the American flag never fails, especially on 4th of July or memorial day sales. Give us a call and ask about our inflatable units available for sale or rental.promotional-hot-air-balloon
The white section of the balloon is perfect for a custom banner of your choice. Since the balloon is USA themed it is usually accompanied by "4th of July Sale" or "Labor Day Sale" slogans. Of course, these can be customized to say whatever you want on them since we manufacture everything in-house, just let us know what message you want your banner to read and we'll prepare it for your prefered inflatable balloon. 

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