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Inflatable Animals: Dog Inflatables

We are obsessed with dogs here at work! How much? A lot! We have a non profit called Pet Rescue Solutions. With PRS we have been helping educate pet owners, adopt animals at local shelters and in-house and provide guidance and help to anyone who needs help with their pet. We offer cost effective pet products to help owners provide their critters with a better quality of life. This has helped us get really involved with local shelters and animal communities locally and we provide them with donated promotional products to help aid their campaigns. Our dog inflatables are used for all sorts of events ranging from educational events, adoptions, exhibits and protests on behalf of animal rights activist. In this gallery post were going to explore the many dogs PDG (Promotional Design Group) has made over the years and the multiple ways you can customize them. 

Humble Beginnings

 We have been developing dog inflatables since the early 90's with one of our first being an air-brushed inflatable pit bull. Air brushing an inflatable takes a long time because of the scale of the inflatable. Sometimes they can be as big as 30 feet or more! This was a task that used to take about a week, by hand! By the mid 90's we found out that printing technology was good enough for us to incorporate into our production and so we did. This gave our artist more free time to develop more ideas instead of focusing on one project. 

How Can a Dog be Customized?

When we are developing inflatable dogs we can add custom graphics or we can add a banner to the front or side of the dog. We tend to recommend banners because they are replaceable. Being able to swap out a banner comes in handy when you need to change the message on your inflatable. You can also ask us to make the inflatable any size you want. We offer our standard sizes which are a 6', 10', 15',20', 25'  and 30' but if you need a specific size we can make it. How about if its an inflatable we have not manufactured before? We can create one from scratch to be whatever you have in mind! 

Pitbull Inflatable

Our pit bull has a mean mug but to make it a little more presentable we made it cartoon style. It is gray and comes with a spiky collar. Internally, we call him spike (makes sense right?) It was our very first dog inflatable and we kept it that way for quite some time. The pit bull was very popular but after a while one of our customers asked about a different dog and another after that so we decided to make as many dogs as possible so that we were ready for future requests. This gave us the chance to create multiple dogs and add to our inventory so that we offered more variety. These dogs are now available for rental or you can purchase them, just let us know what you have in mind and we'll work with you to find the best solution for you and your team. 


The Whimsical DogWhimsical-dog-inflatable-01

The whimsical dog was our other dog when we first developed inflatable canines. It was developed alongside the pit bull but since it was not realistic, it was not too popular. Eventually, it became our most popular dog and now we produce at least 3 every month. It is characterized by it's elongated snout, flappy ears and brown skin tones. They are extremely popular among pet shops, dog adoption events and even  dog contests! We have had customer decorate their buildings with up to three of them on their roof! 

How about our other dogs?

Well, we have 7+ dogs in our inventory and we are always looking to expand it. So, if you have dog inflatable in mind and you don't see it in our inventory, let us know. We will work with our design team to create the necessary patterns to create an inflatable with the following options. 

- Custom sizing

- Custom color options

- Custom printing

- Custom Branding on Inflatable

Looking for something completely original?

Give us a call to exchange ideas. We love to collaborate.

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