Two Roots Beer 

8' Inflatable Can Replica


This isn't your granddaddy's lager, it's a new type of cannabis beer. Two Roots Brewing Co. was looking for something to promote their new line of cannabis infused beverages, so they decided to get a can replica. This custom inflatable beer can is a giant replica of their Enough Said Lager, which is fully printed to look just their beer. 


If you have a product you want turned into a can like this lager, we could do it incredibly fast. Since cans are more simple shapes, we can crank these out relatively quickly due to a more basic production process. Whereas the more complex shapes can require a lot more detail and labor to produce. 


Do you have high quality art you want put on a 3D object? We can help! PDG's in house design department has over 50 years of combined knowledge and experience in creating commercial grade inflatables that are made to endure. Our excellent printing process allows us to print in crystal clear high resolution. 

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