Texas Roadhouse Lizard

15 Foot Custom Inflatable Replica

Big and Bold 

This wacky looking inflatable mascot is the Texas Roadhouse Lizard, which is named "Iggy the Iguana." Standing at 15 feet, this inflatable iguana is clearly visible for anyone walking by. So if you're looking to attract extra attention to your business, getting an inflatable humanoid animal replica might be the way to go. 


Ready to Party

Iggy is clearly already partying, so maybe people will want to party it up at your restaurant too. Studies have shown that people that see depictions of drinking and smoking are much more likely to want those vices than people that don't see them advertised. It's as if something is triggered in our minds and it reminds us of the moments that we have spent drinking and smoking and possibly associating it with positive and fun memories. Suffice it to say, advertising works, just make sure to do it right. 



Great Detail

Our talented inflatable design team can make your mascot sit, stand, fly, whatever you want. We can make sure your inflatable replica looks great and brings you the attention your business needs. 

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