Inflatable Misting Canopy for TD Ameritrade

Chill out.

Misting relief.

This inflatable misting canopy is designed to attract people that are burning in the sun. Once they're in your tent, that's when you spam the heck out of them. Well, maybe you don't have to spam them, but you can educate them on your products or services. The cooling mist will keep people in there for a good while, giving you a chance to gain their trust. Just don't reach out to people during a marathon; they might not be in there for long. 

custom inflatable misting tent with printing

Establish your brand.

With any advertising product that you buy, you want to make sure it's got your brand on there. Since we have the ability to print any section of our products, you can get a personalized tent however you want. We can fully customize the tent of your dreams. With our high quality digital printing, you can show off how cool your misting tent looks, while it literally cools people off. 

You can check out the custom misting canopy we made for Coca Cola in the video below.

custom inflatable mister canopy

Unconventionally attractive.

One might look at this tent and think that it doesn't look like a tent at all. That's okay. The cubic shape of the inflatable tent makes it easier to produce while minimizing sewing points to ensure the structure remains strong and solid. The cube shape is definitely unconventional, but guaranteed to attract people from any angle. 

Looking for something completely original?

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