SunButter Jar

Airtight Inflatable Replica

Not Your Regular Butter

Who needs peanut butter when you can have sunflower seed butter? It's free from 8 of the top allergens, so that's pretty cool. This SunButter Jar is a huge inflatable replica of their small jar. If we scaled down the photo below and you saw it from a distance, you wouldn't be able to tell it's an inflatable replica. Accuracy is neat. 


Precise Printing

In order to achieve the realistic and accurate look of the jar, our designers must first study the container and then render it using a 3D modeling program. Once our designers create a 3D model of it, they then create the artwork that will be overlayed. Once the high-resolution artwork is placed on top of the 3D structure, the artwork gets divided into separate patterns and is later printed and then sewn together to create what you see below. 



Safety Please

Since this is a commercial grade inflatable replica, it also has reinforced anchor points for easy ballasting. We also provide ropes with every inflatable. Safety is important, so we make sure to make it as easy as possible. 

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