Inflatable Stegosaurus 

Fear not. They eat plants, not people.


Who doesn't love dinos? This large, and somewhat realistic Inflatable Stegosaurus is perfect for kids' events or to set up at museums. Adults also like dinos, just look at all the Jurassic movies coming out. Aside from these common events, they can also be set up on top of rooftops, to attract more attention to your business. 


We even have some dinos available for rent! That's right. If you're interested in renting these giant inflatable dinosaurs, give us a call and we'll check our inventory for you. You can also email us. We have many different models to choose from. You can even see this stegosaurus in action in the video below! 


These magnificent party props can really add to your jungle theme or prehistoric themed parties. We also have a T-Rex and a brontosaurus. Let your imagination loose with these fun inflatables. We can also print these with custom logos or colors. Many companies have mascots, and sometimes they're huge dinosaurs. We could make you an awesome inflatable mascot to really make your company stand out. 


What about installation? It's easy peasy!



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