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12x12 Custom Inflatable Ring Toss

Custom Inflatable Ring Toss

When our customers ask us if we can create a custom inflatable for them we do not know what to expect. It could be a large inflatable structure or a funny looking shape. Sometimes it's a majestic creature with lots of detail. Our customer's ideas push us to our limits and keep us on our toes, which we love! This is an inflatable ring toss with a halloween theme for Southern Tier Brewing Co. They wanted to make something that is not too common while at the same time having creative control over how the final product would look. One of the benefits of customizing an inflatable with us is knowing that we manufacture everything with heavy duty materials that are meant to truly last a long time. At the same time, we have a highly capable design team that is able to bring ideas like these to life, even when the graphics are intricate. 

We created a video for you to see how it looks and for you to see it "in action." For the rings we used normal sized hula hoops that you grab and toss onto the inflatable. The most common size for a ring toss is around 2x2, sometimes 3x3, but this inflatable is 12x12 and the individual "pins" are 6 feet. The mattress layer on the bottom is a 1 foot by 12x12 foot mattress with custom branding. Each of the pins was individually designed with a halloween theme in mind for them to carry out festivities next month. 


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