Christmas Nutcracker

Christmas Inflatable 15 ft tall


The nutcracker might be a cursed prince trapped in misshapen form but this 17th century story became associated to Christmas due to the nutcracker regal and celebratory look.


The nutcracker is yet another decorative element for this holiday season and we like to take these and blow them up and create top grade gigantic inflatables that turn heads. At PDG we only design products that can deliver. This nutcracker inflatable will be the best forefront feature of your store or event.


nutcracker-widePackage includes:

Fire Retardant & UV Coating

Blower System

Tie down ropes and tarp

Heavy duty storage bag 

2 year warranty

10-15 day turnaround

100% U.S Made

(Sandbags and stakes sold separately)

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