10' Dracula

Halloween Inflatables: Dracula

inflatable-draculaYou can’t mention the word vampire without arriving to the perfectly dark and equally scary Dracula. Since Bram Stoker first introduced the character in 1897, Dracula has been the Un-dead embodiment without equal--there is no other mythological character whose power compares to Dracula’s uncanny ability to morph or shape-shift into a bat.  Because of the vampire lore through recorded history, Halloween is the perfect time to showcase this iconic character and haunt all of those around or anyone who comes near it. Our inflatable dracula would be a great decoration for any Halloween related event. The season for scary creatures is in and with its haunting face and incredibly large size it will not go unnoticed. Find the perfect size for your event or cause within our large inventory or contact us with your ideas and we can work on a design for you.
In the video above you can see one of our other inflatables, our giant Frankenstein. All of the inflatables we create are available in multiple sizes for you to choose from. We offer them in sizes ranging from 5'-35' for you to be able to decorate your locale with a giant hideous monster. 

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