Red Party Cup 

8' Inflatable Replica

Party Hardy

Giant beer pong anyone? Have fun and let loose at your next event with a giant inflatable red party cup replica. If you're looking to advertise in a fun and effective way, then a huge cup like the one for Bacon and Beer Classic will do the trick. Either way, with an inflatable like this, we're sure some people will come around trying to crash the party. 


Subtle Details

You may not realize it, but the ridges of this cup are fully printed to look like there's a lip with a shadow underneath it. Our genius designers have found ways of making our inflatables look more realistic by adding subtle details throughout. Look closely and you'll see what we're talking about. 




Fast and Easy

With our inflatables, set-up is quick and easy. All you have to do is take this inflatable out of the carry bag and place it on the ground tarp that we provide. Next you'll simply plug in the power and watch the inflatable fill up with air in less than 3 minutes. Once it's up, you can attach the ropes to weights or ballasts for extra security. Simple, so you can get on with your partying. 

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