Inflatable Mister Tent for Pardee Health Care

Let the water flow. 

Mr. Tent?

Not exactly. This mister tent, or misting tent, is an inflatable tent with a high pressure misting system attached to it. This particular model was printed in a brilliant sky blue that really pops. The printing is simple, yet effective. And the best part about this inflatable mister tent is that it also cools people down during high heat. 


Even flow. 

The high pressure misting system on this inflatable tent is meant for some serious mist. You might be thinking, what's the difference between a low pressure system and high pressure system. Well, the main difference is the amount of mist that is put out. A low pressure system releases a light, fine mist. Whereas a high pressure system pumps more water and expels it at a greater percentage, creating a thick, lathery mist. In scorching heat, a low pressure mist would quickly evaporate, but with a high pressure system, it's sure to last. 

inflatable misting canopy mister close up

Take a look at the custom misting canopy we made for Coca Cola in the video below.

inflatable misting canopy zoom

Custom Colors.

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