Olley Arched Inflatable Canopy

 Let's have fun.

All or nothing. 

When it comes to living life to the extreme, Olley might know a thing or two. That's why they got an awesomely customized arched inflatable canopy for their road tour. This rounded tent will be seeing a lot of action on the road, nationwide. They specialize in providing sports gear and this tent helps them take their inventory with them right to the source. They can take the tent to a skatepark, the beach or to any sporting events in the nearby area. 


 Chill out zone 

Inside this tent, you can relax and hang our with your buds or you can turn it into a shop and sell your goods from within. The best part about the whole thing is that regardless of where you go, your brand goes with you. The tent itself is easy to transport since it rolls up into a bundle and gets stored into an extreme-duty bag that we provide for all of our inflatables. One of the benefits of having an inflatable structure like this one is that there are no "bones" to the structure. The whole tent is filled with air so you dont have to carry 10-20 or more parts to install the tent. There is also no assembly required that could take up to an hour. Putting it away, is just as easy as setting it up since there are no complicated parts to manage.  

arched-inflatable-canopy-on-tarp.jpgInflatable Tents

The purpose of an inflatable tent is so that the entire experience of taking a large canopy with you is easy. This way you can focus on what really matters, your event. When the event is done you dont have to worry about coming back with a large crew to uninstall the tent, rather it can be done in minutes and it is rather easy. A simple two man crew can take care of the whole process and you don't need to have experience with it since its pretty easy to figure out. The same goes for all of our other inflatables since it doesn't apply only to our inflatable tents. 


How can I request one?

Contact us and let us know what you have in mind. We are always ready to help. If you saw a product you liked or if you have an idea for an inflatable but are unsure if it can be made, let us know. We will help you throughout the whole process. We will provide you with quotes, a free mockup and ideas to develop a beautiful inflatable. Our design team is always ready for the next big challenge and they will work on every aspect of the project to make sure it looks good. We will work with you on the structure design, and the layout for the graphics. We will also help you understand what kind of image files we need to get the large images printed on the inflatable to make sure they look crisp and clear. The whole process is done in-house in our Southern California facility so there are no middle men. You deal directly with us and we will provide you with honest customer service. Should you come across a better deal elsewhere just let us know, since we can offer competitive pricing. Also, if you have any other questions, just give us a holler, were not hard to get ahold of. 

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