Inflatable Misting Tent for Robeks Marketing

Relax this summer.

Cooler than air.

This unique inflatable misting tent is designed to cool people down by spraying a steady mist of water inside. That means this tent effectively lowers the temperature underneath it by at least 10 degrees Fahrenheit or about 5 degrees centigrade. How cool is that? Okay, we'll stop with the puns. Some of you laughed. 

custom inflatable misting tent

Custom design.

As with all products manufactured by Promotional Design Group, this misting tent can be fully customized to meet your needs. We can print it with any logos or colors that you want. Don't have graphics? Don't worry about it. We offer design services as well. Our talented designers can come up with attention grabbing designs in less than a few hours. Once we get that mock up, we'll send it on over to you to review. Oh, and our renderings are always free. Don't like the design? Let us know and we'll make the changes. 

inflatable mister tent

You can check out the custom Coca Cola misting tent in the video below.

custom inflatable misting canopy

Fast set-up.

With an inflatable tent, there's no need to set up poles or erect frames. Simply remove the inflatable structure out of the provided carry bag and lay on a smooth, non-abrasive surface. Unroll the product and attach the blower system to the inflatable duct. Plug in the blower system and turn on. Once the tent is up, attach the misting velcro strips on the interior of the tent and connect the lines. After that's done, connect the line to the misting pump, plug in, turn on and enjoy the thick, cooling mist. 

Looking for something completely original?

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