Military Truck Replica 

1:1 Scale Custom Inflatable

Inflatable Mimicry

This tank looking truck is a 1:1 scale replica of a special use military vehicle. If someone saw this from a distance, they'd probably think it was real, due to its size and detail. At Promotional Design Group, we specialize in creating realistic looking product replicas, and this truck is a good indicator of what we're capable of. 

military truck replica angle

Fine Print
If you look closely at this inflatable truck, you'll notice many tiny details throughout, such as the lug nuts on the wheels or the rivets on the armor plating. These little, yet important details increase the overall realism and appeal of the product. Our design team will do everything they can to make sure everything looks sharp and accurate. 

military truck replica rear

military truck prop inflatable

Protection Guaranteed

Since we only manufacture commercial grade inflatables, you can rest comfortably at night knowing that these will last you years. We use sturdy materials like vinyl and nylon that come with UV inhibitors so it doesn't crack. Our digital printing is also coated to prolong its life. On top of that, our inflatable material is NFPA certified fire retardant, as well as 100%waterproof. 

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