Mannatech Health Products

Inflatable Replicas

Full of Life

At Promotional Design Group, we like to create everything and anything. Product replicas are one of our specialties, and we can create any shape you want. These Mannatech Health Products replicas are for three different products with varying shapes and dimensions. 


Enlarged To Show Texture

What better way to show a product's details than by blowing it up. Not literally, that would destroy it. These enlarged replicas show close detail of the actual products' labels. These fully printed labels are printed in high resolution to ensure everything looks sharp once it's inflated. 



Vibrant Graphics

When it comes to printing, we know a thing or two about getting something to look colorful and radiant. When it comes to logo reproduction, most companies already have high res art, which is what we need in order to print something that looks magnificent. If you don't have high res art, don't worry, we can help there too. 

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