MacEwan University Griffin

13 Foot Inflatable Replica

Game On

Mythological creatures are abundant when it comes to college mascots, but they don't all look as cool as this huge inflatable MacEwan University Griffin. So whether you want to set this up at football games or for rush week, this inflatable is sure to help you get noticed. 


School Spirit

Show off your true school spirit at rival matches with a giant inflatable from Promotional Design Group. Customized inflatable replicas can be digitally printed with any logos or artwork that you want. Want it to have a message spelled out on the back? We can do that too. Whatever crazy ideas you have, we can make it a reality. Just tell us your thoughts and we'll help you create it. 

college-mascot-replicaIn the image above, you can see some closer details on this inflatable griffin replica. 


Commercial Grade Construction

This griffin is commercial grade and constructed to last many years. The high resolution printing is coated with a proprietary coating that allows the graphics to last longer. The coating also helps block harmful UV rays so the graphics stay bright for a while. NFPA certified fire retardant.

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