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Custom Logo Inflatable

Most motorcycle accidents occur because often times visibility of bike riders can be challenging for other automobile drivers. Regardless of the circumstances, the collision of vehicles could leave both parties quite stunned and shaken, not to mention, in severe medical condition. Accidental defense attorneys can look after you after such unfortunate event. That is the promise of of Law Tigers Motorcycle Attorneys.


Law Tigers came to us with one thing in mind, they didn’t want to have the same problem must of their clients have in terms of visibility so they wanted a pretty large inflatable of their logo mascot to ensure they get noticed everywhere they go. The result was this magnificent 15x20 ft high inflatable unit that looks exactly as they wanted

If you have a similar idea for a promotional item, be it an exact replica of your product or brand logo, we can work with you. We are in the business of creating the most accurate, detailed and realistic looking inflatables that are down right tailored to your specifications. Our inflatables are made out of one of the most heavy duty materials in the industry without sacrificing on malleability. And the end result is one of the easiest and quickest inflatable to set up.


The video above showcases some of our favorite custom inflatables. Feel free to send us your ideas and we'll help you bring them to life! We respond within a business day or less or you can give us a call and we will talk to you directly. 

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