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What is the largest pig you've ever seen? The largest pig to ever live was a 7 foot 3 inches. His weight? 1984 pounds! We make extremely large pigs! Now, our pigs, do not have weights anywhere near that of the largest living pig, and its because we manufacture inflatable pigs. Our 15 foot inflatable pig only weighs 50 lbs. So, why would anyone need a pig inflatable? Well, marketing agencies, farms and animals rights groups are always interested in our inflatable animals. The pig in the image above was used for a Pink Floyd marketing campaign. They placed it atop the Capitol Records building and placed banners around it. The pigs in the images below are our "normal pig" and our "evil pig." In the olden days, we used to airbrush our inflatables but as time has passed we have been able adapt to modern print standards and now digitally print our products. 


Where are the inflatables made?

We manufacture all of our inflatables in Los Angeles, California. We are proud of what we make because we work diligently to ensure that the products we make have a proper build quality. As a matter of fact, we outfit all of our products with incredible warranties because all of the products we manufacture are heavy duty. What if purchasing one is not what your team has in mind? You can easily rent one! We offer our entire inventory as part of our rentals program. We have 10 foot pigs, 15 foot pigs, all the way up to 30 feet! 

What if I need a custom inflatable Pig?

One of our multiple clients asked if they could create a custom pig. We immediately said yes! Not just because we wanted the business, but because we know we can deliver. We work with specialized inflatables all of the time and we create as many as 200 unique inflatables every year. This figure is separate from the fact that we re-create a great many inflatables we have in our inventory. Each year we manufacture over 500 inflatables! Custom inflatables are one of the many items we excel in manufacturing at our facility and when a client needs one we immediately get to work because they take more effort to manufacture. How so? Well, to start, we have never made the inflatable before so we have to figure out pattern charting and airflow channels for a new inflatable. In the images below, you can see that sometimes a custom inflatable can only have some minor changes from an inflatable we have manufactured before. The pig on the left is our inflatable pig with a jacket, while the pig on the right is a custom pig inflatable we manufactured for Smithfield. In essence it is the same inflatable but they wanted minor changes here and there. The eyes are different, the pink is different, the hooves are not the same and of course, it's not wearing a jacket. They also wanted it to have a slightly different nose and mouth and the size is also different. 


What's included with an inflatable pig?

If you purchase an inflatable pig we will include a brand new inflatable pig, obviously. If you rent one we will take one from our inventory and make sure it is in tip top condition for you to use. We include a free install on inflatable rentals within a 30 mile radius from our facility. We are located in Los Angeles County and we service all of SoCal but we are not limited to just this area. If someone should need our installers to help out with an installation or with training we definitely can do it, just let us know if this is something you would need so we can arrange it. All of our inflatables are manufactured in the U.S. and all of the materials are source in the U.S. as well. We also ensure that the raw materials we utilize are also American made/sourced. Using high quality materials allows us to guarantee a high quality inflatable and include a great warranty on every single one we build. The inflatables we build come with a blower system and tethers for the inflatable to be tied and secured. We also have optional items like a ground tarp, which prevents the inflatable from getting dirty (depending on the surface it's installed on,) and stakes to secure it to the ground. If staking the inflatable is not an option then we also offer sand bags that act as weights to secure the inflatable. All in all, you get a high quality product that is meant to last for year and years of use. 

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