Large Green Witch

Halloween Inflatables: Witches

large-green-witch-with-scary-fingersWitch hysteria really took hold in Europe during the mid 1400s when many accused witches (confessed, often under torture) to a variety of wicked behaviors. The word witch comes from the word “Wicca” meaning “wise one”.  Certainly one considered wise would have been seen as resourceful during trying times, instead they were considered something to be feared and avoided. This fear of witches has made its way to Disney films and the evil witch is most often portrayed as this magical, of super natural powers, entity. There’s no denying that witches are one of the most traditional as well as mysterious entities we associate with Halloween. If you’re looking for a spellbinding representation this Halloween, call us about our witch design inflatables and cast some Halloween magic onto your event.
large-green-witch-hunchbackSprinkle some the magic of the holidays with a giant inflatable witch. Surely, a witch should do it, right? Our witches are available in different sizes and styles to be able to accommodate any request. If you need a rather large witch we have them available and if you need a smaller one we have those too. You can choose from our inventory of five different sizes and two different styles. You can rent or buy one, just let us know which it will be. large-green-witch-15-foot

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