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Airtight Inflatable Replicas 


"You got this" and "dream big" are lovely inspiring messages. Motivate potential clients with messages like these on custom printed inflatable cosmetics replicas. People like positive messages, so if you advertise using positive vibes, chances are you might get more business. We can print anything you want on there, big or small. Let our designers work their magic, if you're looking for something totally unique. 


Super convenient to set up, these inflatables feature an airtight bladder system, which is actually an internal airtight bag that inflates the outer cover. This sealed inflatable needs only be inflated once, and then it's sealed off with the attached valve. Once it's inflated, it'll be up for months. 


Made to last, our inflatable makeup product replicas feature commercial grade materials, like NFPA certified vinyl and polyester materials. These are also coated to withstand fading from the sun, and come with a standard 3-year warranty. Did we also mention they're 100% waterproof? 

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