Jack Daniel's Bottle

10 Foot Inflatable Replica

Fire in a Bottle

Chug some of this and it'll definitely feel like you're drinking fire. Good fire. This magnificent bottle replica was specially made for Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire cinnamon flavored whiskey variant. Featuring full digital print, this inflatable bottle has all the labels of the real bottle to really make it stand out. 



Is that glass? Well, it's printed glass. And not 3D printed glass. Does that exist yet? This inflatable bottle replica was printed to look as real as possible, and we think we got pretty close. Printed in absolutely stunning detail, this bottle looks like the real deal! We're confident people will think it's real if they're far away enough. 


In the image above, you can even see the "1 LITER" text that looks like it's made from glass. 


Perfect for Any Season

Thanks to the commercial grade material, this inflatable can withstand being set up year round! That's right. Our inflatables are heavy duty and can last many years. They are also NFPA certified fire retardant.

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