Sugar Skull Decorations

Day of the dead inflatables for festivals, celebrations and large events.

Inflatable Sugar Skull Decorations

Day of the dead is by far becoming one of the most popular celebrations/holidays on earth. Due to the popularity of movies such as Disney's Coco and Spectre from the James Bond Series who have brought the holiday to the rest of the world. While the holiday originated in Mexico it has been adopted and is celebrated in the rest of the world. Of course, with it being popular in the rest of the world there if more of a demand in the market for decorations, clothing and other cultural props and accessories. At Promotional Design Group, one of our specialties is creating heavy duty inflatables in many shapes and

Tan skullToday, we are working on expanding our day of the dead inflatable inventory in order to offer multiple options for you to choose from. We are working on creating different skull variants in other colors and we will have them available in different sizes. At the same time, we aren't only focusing on skulls, we are also working on other props to compliment our inflatable sugar skulls for you to decorate your event with. Large decorations such as these are always attractive and are perfect for photo ops at any major event. sugar-skull-inflatables-01

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