Inflatable Rainbow Costume

Let the colors shine.

Twice the fun.

Here and there we’ll get some odd or unusual requests from our clients, but when Miley Cyrus asked for a tandem custom inflatable rainbow costume, we knew we had a fun project ahead. At PDG, we’ve made inflatable costumes for many types of applications, but never as a tandem suit. Since we love challenges, we put our very best designers on the project to design a high-quality, functional, and fun costume to wear. Sure enough, after some hard work and serious attention to detail, we manufactured the Miley Cyrus inflatable rainbow costume.


In the image above, two Promotional Design Group employees try on the costume before shipping out.


The custom inflatable rainbow costume was specially made to be worn by two individuals, which was new for us. As such, this inflatable design proved to be somewhat of a challenge. After diligent analysis of the design, our engineers were able to figure out a way, as they usually do. But as always Promotional Design Group met all challenges and expectations.

This custom inflatable rainbow costume was also designed using several proprietary design techniques. This unique process allows us to produce intelligently designed inflatable shapes and structures. This rainbow costume was also digitally printed using our large format digital printers. As far as functionality, we decided to use a 6 volt blower system fan that is constantly inflating the costume. This unit included a battery pack and was able to stay on for 30 minutes of continuous use.


 If you’re looking for an inflatable rainbow prop for sale or for rental, we do have them available in two sizes. We currently have a 10’ tall by 20’ long model and a 15’ tall by 30’ long model. If you’re interested in renting our inflatable rainbow prop we strongly recommend ordering at least two to three weeks in advance. For rent we only carry in stock one of each size.

In the construction of all custom inflatables, we use a U.S. made heavy duty 8 oz. vinyl coated nylon material that also has U.V inhibitors and comes with a fire retardant coating. It’s nice to know your custom inflatable won’t catch on fire with you in it.

If you’re looking for a custom inflatable manufacturer with many years of experience, (34 to be exact) then look no further. Promotional Design Group is the largest custom inflatable manufacturer (located in Los Angeles, California) in the United States.

If you’re interested in a Custom Inflatable give us a call and together we will create a Custom Inflatable that will blow you away.

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