Inflatable Pineapple

Largescale replica of a realistic anana.

10ft-inflatable-pineappleInflatable Anana

Promotional Design Group manufactures and provides for rental a giant custom Inflatable Pineapple that is available in multiple sizes. We have an 10’ tall, 15’ tall and a 30’ tall custom inflatable pineapple for sale or rental. If you have an event or a festival coming up, and are interested in renting many of our Giant Inflatable Fruit give us a call or send us an e-mail. 

We have more sizes available in stock for our pineapple ranging from a 10 foot to a 30 foot tall size. We can also custom manufacture a giant inflatable pineapple for sale with your logo or graphics. We can produce from the smallest 6’ and this small inflatable can be added to a canopy if desired. All of our custom shaped inflatables are manufactured in the United States in Los Angeles California out of American made materials. If you’re nearby give us a call so we can show you our manufacturing warehouse. 

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