25' Inflatable Horse Mascot

That's a big horse.

Big and Bold. 

This custom inflatable horse is a mascot for the data mining company, Splunk. They reached out to us wanting something big for their newest marketing campaign, and decided to go for a 25' custom inflatable horse with their logo printed on the body. Digital printing and customization is commonplace at PDG, so it was no problem adding those details to the design. It's a good thing Splunk decided to collaborate with our designers, since they were able to communicate exactly what they wanted to see completed. The final result ended up being an attention grabbing masterpiece.

inflatable pony

More than meets the eye.

This inflatable is more than just a mere mascot, it's a representation of the company. With today's fickle consumers questioning a company's legitimacy every chance they get, a bold marketing campaign might swing them your way. A giant inflatable horse is sure to attract attention anywhere it is set up. As such, this twenty-five foot inflatable is a great marketing tool because it is easy to install and stands out like a sore thumb. Packing it and transporting is a breeze, with the provided carry bag. An inflatable of this caliber should be set up strategically, for maximum exposure. Ideal locations of choice for an inflatable prop like the one for Splunk here, would be: rooftops, parking lots, or tradeshow floor displays because it won't take up too much space while still standing tall and helping you get brand exposure.

inflatable horse

As custom as you want.

Custom creation is in the heart of all PDG inflatables, including this lovable inflatable pony. If you're looking for a custom inflatable shape with your logos or custom graphics, give us a call today. We can virtually print whatever you want on any shape. Since we're the manufacturer, you can deal with us directly without any "middle person" fees. Our sales staff and designers can talk directly with the client to make sure every aspect of the inflatable is up to specifications. You can count on PDG to produce high quality, promotional inflatable products that will boost your business for years.

inflatable horse replica

Looking for something completely original?

Give us a call to exchange ideas. We love to collaborate.

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