60 Foot Inflatable Cranberry

Giant Inflatable Prop

pact-cranberry-at-the-beachNow that is one Giant Inflatable Cranberry! Wowzers. You could potentially see that from space. This custom Giant Inflatable Cranberry was produced for Ocean Spray and was set up right at the beach as curious people saw it from miles away. This larger-than-life inflatable cranberry was meant for one thing: get as much attention as possible. Well, with its towering 60′ height and realistic meticulous detail, that’s exactly what it did. This Giant Inflatable Cranberry even made the local news. That’s the type of exposure you COULD have. By the way, did we mention this Giant Inflatable Cranberry made history by setting a Guinness World Record for largest inflatable fruit?pact-cranberry-inflatable

This Giant Inflatable Cranberry was not an easy project for PDG, but that’s okay, because we love taking on new and difficult challenges. Creating an inflatable of this magnitude required A LOT of planning. For Promotional Design Group, this is commonplace. Difficult projects are often the ones worth mentioning, and this Giant Inflatable Cranberry was no exception. The extremely detailed graphics for this cranberry had to be manipulated and placed on detailed patterns. Each printed section of this huge berry came out piece by piece, with well over 100 patterns that had to be put together and sewn in place. Once the production aspect was over, set-up of this monstrous cranberry was another challenge in itself. The professional PDG installation department personally delivered and installed this giant inflatable cranberry. A safe installation required 10 well-trained, heavy-lifting installers. Once the cranberry was inflated, it needed to be adjusted and tied down. Ever try moving a 60′ cranberry? It’s not easy, but after adjusting the orientation of the inflatable a bit, set-up was complete. All in a hard day’s work.pact-cranberry-replica

pact-cranberry-yoga-eventThis Giant Inflatable Cranberry was a fun project to work on, as are most product replicas, and we can’t wait to get more projects like it. Promotional Design Group works directly with clients to convert their vision into reality. Whether it be a huge cranberry, tall bottle, or massive bread loaf, we can create spectacular, realistic inflatable product replicas that will attract the masses. Give us a call today and see what amazing things we can create together.60-foot-pact-cranberry

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