Giant Cow Inflatable Rental

40 Foot Inflatable Cow

inflatable-cow-Cows are such beautiful gentle giants and this fact about them does not change regardless of how they are culturally seen across the globe. Some cultures raised them as livestock others consider them holy and sacred. Whatever the case may be, this very realistic looking cow can make you want to learn more about this creature if you’ve never had the opportunity to come up close with one.Vet Gun Inflatable Cow

This gentle giant is available for rental and can come in 10’, 15’, 20’, 25’ or even bigger. If you’re trying to attract visitors to your farm or animal sanctuary, displaying this giant inflatable on a rooftop or main entrance could be not only effective but pretty spectacular as well. The best thing about our inflatables is that they’re heavy duty yet malleable so it makes for the easiest installation possible. Flimsy materials tend to make the installation harder than it should. With our inflatables you’ll never have to worry about that, the installation will take you just a few minutes. Call us to ask about our rental inventory.


20 foot inflatable cowPackage includes:

(1) Blower System

Tie down ropes and tarp

Heavy duty storage bag 

2 year warranty

10-15 day turnaround

U.S Made 

(Sandbags and stakes sold separately)

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