Inflatable ATM Replica

5 Foot Inflatable Prop

No ATM Fees Here

This inflatable ATM replica looks so real, that if it was placed out on the street in Las Vegas, at least 6 out of every 10 inebriated pedestrians would probably approach it to get money out. Well, sorry folks, there's no cash in here. And pay no attention to the signs on the inflatable itself, they are lies. 


Realistic Print

In low light, this ATM can definitely look like the real deal. That's the beauty of good design and great digital printing. Together we can create almost anything you can imagine. Our skilled team of designers can come up with some really cool and unique stuff. Check out our other projects to see how complex we can really get. 



Theft Deterrent 

If someone actually tried to steal this, they would quickly see that it's not an actual ATM, and would therefore leave it alone. I mean, who would want to steal an inflatable prop? 

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