Igloo Ice Chest 

Inflatable Product Replica

igloo ice chest prop

Igloo makes fun little ice chests, and their Playmate model is a classic ice chest that has been around for over 30 years. This iconic ice chest is now a large inflatable replica, thanks to Igloo. This simple ice chest continues to sell well throughout the US. And we're pretty sure having a huge inflatable version of a best-selling ice chest will probably boost even more sales. 

 If you're looking to get a product replica made, simply send us photographs of the product, and our designers will work their magic to create a 3D version of it in just a few hours. This way, you can see what the actual product might look like when it's finished being produced. 

ice chest inflatable replica

Since we mostly do digital printing, we can design and print these products however your little heart desires. If you want it to have custom graphics throughout, we could do that too. With our printing abilities, we could also pump multiple of these out in just a couple of weeks. 

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