Hedon Volleyball 

8' Inflatable Product Replica


This giant inflatable volleyball is ready to welcome all the hedonistic guests this resort can handle. The logo on the ball says it all. "Come to our resort and relax. Enjoy yourselves." Maybe this huge volleyball will be like a beacon to all that search for the vacation paradise. This stunning ball has sharp graphics to really attract any photobombers out there. 


We designed this volleyball to look realistic, which is why it has detailed artwork that makes it look like an actual volleyball. Just don't start playing with it; it's not meant for actual volleyball practice. We use the best digital printing techniques available to ensure the artwork is high resolution and everything is in perfect focus. We also make sure that colors are accurate, since we use the Pantone Matching System. 


Our inflatable models are incredibly easy to inflate. This volleyball takes only a couple of minutes to inflate! You just use the provided inflator with the valve cap off, inflate until it's semi-rigid and then you close the cap. Now you can just relax and grab a drink. Since set-up is beyond easy, it'll give you more time to party. Rock on!


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