H Tea O Cup

Inflatable Replica

Fun Size

Don't just settle for normal tea, get the premium stuff! This inflatable H Tea O Cup replica is one of the smaller ones that we've made, which makes it much more convenient to set up and take around. An inflatable of this size usually only weighs around 20 pounds, blower included. Easy to set up too. 


Close Up

Our designers make sure to put in some fine details, like the foam on the "underside' of the cap or the plastic cap ridges. Sometimes this artwork needs to be created from nothing, but in the end, it really makes a difference. Printing high resolution artwork is imperative, especially when trying to achieve maximum realism. We even decided to include a straw with their logo on it. Neat. 




Set It Up Anywhere

Where to put this? Well, if you're going to be promoting a drink, stores and malls are good places to start. Trade shows would be ideal, as well as conventions and expos. You can also put it up on your rooftop. 

Looking for something completely original?

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