Grim Reaper

Halloween Inflatables: The Grim Reaper

large-20-foot-grim-reaperThere’s something very morbid about Grim Reaper--the mythological character that embodies the one unavoidable rite on everyone’s lives--death. But how did we come to fear this symbolic character so much? The medieval era marks a period that brought about pestilence and mass death. People were dying of a mysterious cause and all that was known to them then was that those perishing were doing so slowly and painfully. In an attempt to understand such gruesome decaying of the body, artists and painters began to make representations of it in their artwork and started to portray death in the form of a skeleton, and due to its sudden and indiscriminate way of showing up on someone’s door it was seen as a ruthless fella, eventually coming up with a fear looking skeleton holding a scythe. The scythe was believed to represent the cutting of the link between or mowing of someone’s soul from the body. How could we possibly ever leave Grim Reaper out of our Halloween festivities?

grim-reaper-no-bannerOur inflatable designs take time to develop since we have to create unique patterns that we have to manufacture and generate for each and every design. When we inflate a large figure for the first time we check for shape detail to make sure it conforms to its style and shape instead of becoming a bubbly design. The grim reaper is one of our most popular halloween inflatables we offer during the holiday season because it truly transforms buildings or events. Ask us how you can purchase one or rent it this Halloween!


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