Great Raft Brewing Can

8 Foot Inflatable Replica

Awesome Can

Nothing says "let's party" like a huge inflatable beer replica like this Great Raft Brewing Can. Pop open some brews and hang out and have a great time. Let's all get along and live happy, right? This inflatable can is not too big, but big enough to attract some thirsty folks looking to have a good time. 


Nice Printing

That print is looking really sharp. Well, that's thanks to the Great Raft Brewing company's high quality vector graphics artwork. Vector graphics allow us to print labels and artwork at any size without losing any clarity. We also print using PMS matching, so your colors will come out true and bright. 



Tough and Strong

Don't worry about this thing popping on you. It actually can't pop since it's already full of holes! That's normal though, since this is a cold-air inflatable, or rather a continuous blower system type of inflatable. That means that the blower system is constantly inflating the unit, so it'll never deflate. We also use commercial grade vinyl and polyester fabrics to ensure this prop lasts years. 

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