Giant Inflatable Hockey Player

With a good "dental" plan.

Puck yeah!

This larger-than-life custom inflatable hockey player really packed a puck — err, punch — for this client. The 30-foot tall, air-filled hockey player was created with exceptional attention to detail. Creating this really large inflatable hockey player was definitely a complicated job but we thrive on jobs like this. Just take a look at the expression on his face and you’ll see this goal-scoring giant isn’t just blowing hot air. Creating that seemingly simple facial expression took one of our designers a couple of hours to make sure it would look good on the shape.

giant inflatable hockey player prop

Printed players.

We create all sorts of large inflatables, and for the most part artwork is laid on flat surfaces but an inflatable is a large three dimensional figure that needs far more attention to detail. Laying the artwork on a three dimensional figure bends and extends the artwork so what you had in mind is not what it looks like sometimes. Our designers work hard to take this into account and accommodate for it. This inflatable hockey player was completely custom printed and a large inflatable like this has to be consistently printed so all the patterns that shape it are printed in the same exact shade of colors so there are no discrepancies in color. Thankfully we have highly advanced digital printers that allow us to do just that. We can also do color matching to make ensure that your brand identity is consistent across your marketing and promotional products. This is just one example of Promotional Design Group’s extraordinary custom inflatables that can be made to draw attention to your company, organization or sports team.

large inflatable hockey player

Designed to inspire imagination. 

We have over 1500 different inflatables in our inventory and over 25 years of experience manufacturing not only inflatables but frame tents and pop up canopies. Outdoor marketing products are definitely our thing and we love manufacturing something that is going to aid any outdoor marketing campaign. It is truly a great feeling when we see one of our promotional items out in the wild!

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