25' Frankenstein

Halloween Inflatables: Frankenstein


Talk about man made monster creatures--Immortalized in Mary Shelley’s book. Frankenstein was and has remained the most popular monster story throughout the years. Frankenstein has made his way to popular culture and is now one of the most utilized Halloween props in America making it the easiest iconic image to spot at the store. This inflatable is perfect for whatever Halloween occasion--bring it with you to your company's Halloween party event or simply showcase it outside your business. So whether you're looking to attract customers to your Halloween theme customs store or simply decorating your business to convey the spirit of this wonderful holiday you will sure make quite a statement with this popular Frankenstein inflatable that everyone is going to love.  We are confident this move will most likely result in higher business as well.



Looking for the Best designed Inflatable Frankenstein around.  Look no further.

Our Inflatable Design Team has done it again.  They’ve come up with a realistic looking Inflatable Frankenstein in which many design hours were spent to create and manufacture a realistic looking and probably the scariest looking Halloween Inflatable in the United States.  

The Frankenstein Inflatable is extremely detailed and looks almost lifelike because of all the detail that was placed during the design process.  Our Inflatable Frankenstein is available in 5 standard sizes. 10’, 15’, 20’, 25’ and 30’ in height.

If you’re looking for a smaller or larger size Inflatable Frankenstein, we can certainly accommodate your request.  

All our Inflatables are manufactured using the best U.S grade material (Duravinyl) and comes with a U.V Coating to protect it from the harmful U.V rays so it can last for many years.  Our Duravinyl also comes with a Fire Retardant and a Fire Certificate.

Promotional Design Group has been manufacturing Custom Shaped Inflatables since 1984 and we’re located in Los Angeles California.  

Promotional Design Group has the largest selection of Halloween Inflatables in the United States. If you’re looking or need a custom Inflatable tailored to your specifications let our design team create a rendering with your design in mind, dealing directly with a Custom Inflatable Manufacturer has its perks, especially when located in the United States.  If you’re nearby come on in and see our Manufacturing facility and see how Giant Inflatables are designed and manufactured. You won’t be disappointed.

Below you can see one of the very first Frankenstein inflatables, which we still offer!


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