Giant Bubblefest Sign

Fun and festive.

custom inflatable sign

Bring in the customers.

Can you imagine your own huge custom sign with your name on it? Well, sometimes having something totally unique is what is required to bring in the business. This giant inflatable sign that we did for The Discovery Science Center was specially made for their Bubblefest event. With a playful design, it's no wonder so many kids were interested in going. 

giant inflatable sign at musuem

Bubbly design.

The 3D cutout of the text helps accentuate the bubbliness of the inflatable sign. The bright yellow color also makes it stand out. People love things that are unique and an inflatable that is cut out to be the shape of a fun sign could make it that much more noticeable by passersby. Not only is a sign like this colorful and fun, but it's also intriguing. People will be like "ooh, what's all that about?" And then they go check it out. It's that type of intrigue that you want with your advertising, promotional products. 

Below you can see the installed inflatable on the rooftop of the Discovery Science Center. 

huge inflatable sign backside

You can see the Promotional Design Group installation team (in the image below) pulling the giant inflatable sign up the wall.

inflatable sign install

large inflatable sign

Display anywhere.

This particular inflatable sign was set up on a rooftop, but it can be set up virtually anywhere. The durable metal D-rings make it easy to attach ropes, which we happen to provide as well. All you need to get going are some weights or anchors to stabilize it and keep it secure. Super bright LED lights can also be placed inside the inflatable, which is ideal for night time applications. Since we also provide a ground tarp for all our inflatable products, you don't have to worry about the inflatable's base getting damaged. If you're located within Southern California, the Promotional Design Group Installation Team can help do all the grunt work for you. 

The Bubblefest is packed with bubble related, educational games and family fun. It is an interactive place for kids where the laser show is the main attraction. It also includes water spheres and a bubble zone. The festival takes place during Spring Break and is one of the most anticipated events for people with kids.

The creators of the Bubblefest are all about large scale. In preparation for their spring break return, they came to us requesting a giant inflatable with their logo name. The end result was this 20ft tall inflatable which they were really happy about. PDG has indirectly participated in many festivals; we have created thousands of inflatable props for concert venues and others. If you’re looking for an inflatable for your next event, look no further. We would be thrilled to work with you.

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