Del Real Foods 

Tamales Package Inflatable Replica

tamales-inflatable-replicaLooking at this Del Real Foods inflatable product replica kind of makes you hungry for tamales. For those who are not aware what tamales are, they are a typically Mexican food that is similar to a stuffed hot pocket, only instead of the outer cover being made from wheat, it's made from a corn dough. These can be stuffed with many types of foods, but this inflatable in only full of air. Sorry. 


The beauty of inflatable props, is that they collapse down to a very small size, which is great because that means you can easily lug it around if you have to. Once it's fully deflated, this inflatable folds down to fit inside a small bag, that we also provide. This bag holds the inflatable, on-board blower system, as well as ropes. You can even put this bag in the backseat of your car, or even the trunk. 


Simply plug in and see it inflate in seconds. That's right, this inflatable will set up in just over a minute. With set up this easy, it's no wonder people are opting for inflatable and transportable marketing materials. 


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