Inflatable Corn Replica

Giant Corn Inflatable at the OC Fair

inflatable-corn-oc-fairCustom inflatable props such as this large inflatable corn are eye catching in even the most visually populated areas. This roasted corn replica was installed at the OC Fair on top of a corn booth to attract attention to their charbroiled corn stand. This 20 foot tall corn has incredibly detailed realistic graphics. This custom project was brought to us by our client who wanted to create a large corn for their booth. We then started some sketches, 3D renderings for artwork approval and finalized this design with roasted kernels. Imagine how effective it is to be able to show a large roasted corn while the smell of roasted corn is drifting through the air. 

Requesting a large inflatable is very easy. Our sales team member will work with you through the entire process to bring your ideas to life. Of course, our talented design team is also able to develop the artwork is necessary. Most of our clients provide us with their graphics and branding guidelines so we don't deviate from their image or use their logos improperly. When we designed this massive inflatable we took what our client had in mind and developed the graphics to be able to wrap around the shape of the inflatable in order to have it look as realistic as possible.  


Package includes:

(1) Blower System

Tie down ropes and tarp

Heavy duty storage bag 

2 year warranty

10-15 day turnaround

U.S Made 

(Sandbags and stakes sold separately)

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