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Custom Inflatable Replicas

Core-Power-sealed-drinks-014' and 6' Inflatable Bottle Replicas

Creating inflatable replicas is one of our specialties. We have a range of products we have replicated in the form of inflatables. These products range from smaller inflatables like these bottles or even large 25-30 foot inflatables. In this case we made the inflatables self contained units which means they do not need a blower system attached to them. Their small size allows you to take them anywhere you want to put them. They can be hung from a ceiling, stood upright at a booth or even scattered across an event where they will be seen by attendees.  


Core Power offers flavored milkshakes that are packed with protein for athletes looking for a smooth and healthy drink. They come in different flavors so you have a variety to choose from throughout the week and each and every one of them taste great. A marketing product like these inflatables can really help attract attention at events to bring people to your booth. The inflatables will also help attendees to easily recognize your product whenever they see it. They can be installed individually or all together, depending on how you are going to setup at an event. The best part about these is that they are individually sealed and they do not require a blower system attached to them. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events and since they don't have continuous air flowing through them, they won't be making a peep. Continuous air systems need a blower to keep them inflated but they can be somewhat loud depending on the amount of air blowers they need. 

Benefits of marketing with an inflatable!

All of our inflatables are heavy duty and they are meant to last a very long time. Any inflatable we manufacture is covered under a fantastic warranty because of this. Now, the best part about working with an inflatable, is that you can customize it to be exactly the way you want. Do you need printing on it? We can do it. Do you need it to be a specific size? We can do that too. How about a self contained unit? We can do that too! Anything and everything that involves an inflatable, we can do. It's our specialty. Another great benefit of an inflatable is that you can have the entire inflatable stored in a small space when transporting it. What about setting it up? It takes minutes. In some cases it takes less than five minutes. It's a speedy process that lets you focus on your event as opposed to having to focus on installing your marketing products for hours on hours. 

How fast can I have one made for me?

We can manufacture inflatables relatively quick. While our normal turnaround time is 2-3 weeks we can definitely amp up our production time and have your project out of our shop and in your hands for your next event. 

Looking for something completely original?

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