Coca-Cola Misting Inflatable

A refreshing combo.

Hang out and stand out. 

Take a break from your busy day and chill out inside an inflatable misting tent like the one we produced for Coca-Cola. This custom misting canopy is printed with logos but also has special three dimensional logo cutouts that literally pop out. The high pressure misting system delivers a constant stream of fine mist that'll cool down even the hottest person. This item is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Make your next event stand out with a custom inflatable misting canopy. 

custom printed misting tent

Fine mist. 

These interactive inflatable tents feature a high pressure misting system that literally cools down the hot air inside the tent, making it pleasant and relaxing to be underneath this hydro tent. Don't want to get wet? No problem. You can adjust the amount of mist that comes out by adjusting the water pressure. If you want less mist for less water usage, you can do that too. 


You can see the misting tent in action in the video below.

coca-cola inflatable misting canopy

Custom 3D Logos

This special misting tent features protruding 3D logo cutouts that really make a difference. Our design team can make any additions or customization you may request. These logos add appeal to the tent which conveys legitimacy. If you're a start-up business, getting the right marketing tools to get your business exposed is crucial. With Promotional Design Group's advertising products, you're sure to get the attention and business to thrive. 

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