Christmas Sphere Ornament

Christmas Inflatable 8 ft tall

ornament-8ft-tallWhen it comes to ornaments on Christmas trees there isn’t one more important than the other, they all are representations of religious symbolism. The origins of Christmas date years back before the Middle Ages in Europe. This tradition has evolved throughout the years and it is said that spheres used as ornaments on the Christmas tree used to be apples and instead of lights, candles which represent joy and light. Our shining looking sphere ornament inflatable was cleverly designed and color printed with the latest technology to bring out as much light to your corporate event.  


Package includes:

Fire Retardant & UV Coating

(1) Blower System

Tie down ropes and tarp

Heavy duty storage bag 

2 year warranty

10 day turnaround

100% U.S Made 

(Sandbags and stakes sold separately)

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