Chinatown Market Basketball 

Custom 10' Inflatable Replica


Smile! And be happy, just like this 10' inflatable Chinatown Market Basketball replica. This giant inflatable basketball features realistic surface texture print, which only adds to its realism. Not only that, but we also printed a logo on there, which we can easily add to any inflatable. 


The beauty of these inflatables is that they're commercial grade and you can easily hang them. The durable D-rings that are sewn onto the inflatable allow you to anchor it any way you want. Since we provide the ropes as well, you just have to worry about what to tie it to. 


Although you would normally inflate a basketball through the little valve hole that you see between "Market" and "1971-2018", you can't in this case because it's printed and not an actual valve. With our inflatables, we offer two types of inflatables: airtight and continuous. This basketball is a continuous blower type, which means you simply plug the cable in to a power source and it'll inflate in less than three minutes. Presto! You are done and could walk away. Enjoy your day. 

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