Captain Morgan Rum 

20' Inflatable Bottle Replica


Maybe we all have a little Captain in us. This 20' inflatable rum bottle replica that we made for Captain Morgan is a giant, scaled up reproduction of their best-selling Original Spiced Rum. Digitally printed to look like the real thing, this inflatable will impress anyone looking up at it. 


Here's a worm's eye view of the bottle. This bottle has durable D-rings that are reinforced anchor points. Always make sure to secure your tents and inflatables with sandbags, water barrels, or cement ballasts. 


In the image above, you can see the crisp, clean detail in the printing. If you have high quality art that you want transferred to a three dimensional product, we can help you out. Our awesome team of designers will make sure your product looks great. 


Twenty feet is a good, visible size, but we can go as big as fifty or sixty feet if you really want to make an impact. Having good visibility is crucial to any business, and getting some giant inflatable beverage replicas can dramatically boost your presence anywhere you set it up. So don't be afraid to go big. 

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