Breast Cancer Ribbon

Pink 5 Foot Inflatable Replica

Bright and Happy

This pink breast cancer ribbon is all about bringing people together, even under the gravest of circumstances. Together we can overcome anything, so long as we work together. At Promotional Design Group, we believe that even though things might get bad sometimes, there's always a bright side to things, and we would like to help you see that bright side. 


3D Manufacturing

Many people recognize this pink ribbon, but we're also talking about a semi-two-dimensional piece of cloth. This icon is mainly used in two-dimensional digital platforms, like the internet and social media, as well as posters and printed media.  In order for us to make it into a functional inflatable, apparently capable of standing on its own (which wasn't planned), we needed to make it into a 3D model and then build the patterns around that. The end result, as you can see below is a fully functional 3D model of the 2D logo. 



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